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Azul reaches 200 daily flights and inaugurates new routes

For the first time since 03/26, Azul reached more than 200 flights per day on 07/13. By adding operations in partnership with TwoFlex, the company will have 255 takeoffs for 106 routes in 68 cities. As of 7/14, the company resumes operations in Maringa (PR), Joao Pessoa and Alta Floresta (MT). The city in Parana state returns to have four weekly connections with Campinas (SP), while the capital of Paraiba starts to be connected daily with Recife. Alta Floresta will also have flights four times a week to Cuiaba. In addition to the resumption of bases, Azul will inaugurate the Campinas-Chapeco, Recife-Teresina, and Cuiaba-Campo Grande routes this week. All new flights will follow the same hygiene protocols and measures established by the company since the beginning of the pandemic, including reinforcing the cleanliness of aircraft on each flight, the mandatory use of masks by crew, customers on board and on the ground, and the measurement of crew temperature at each start of shift. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/empresas/2020/07/azul-atinge-200-voos-diarios-e-inaugura-novas-rotas_175062.html