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The Brasilia Airport expects a 58% increase

Gradually, the Brasilia Airport has been registering a resumption in air operations. The flow is still timid and very distant from the movement before the pandemic, but it has been growing little by little and month by month. In August, the expectation is for a 58% increase in the number of flights when compared to July. The month will also have new destinations being operated, and cities like Aracaju and Imperatriz are once again interconnected with the federal capital. With that, Brasilia returns to connect directly with 35 Brazilian cities, and returns to be an important hub. The average number of flights during the month is expected to be approximately 120 daily landings and take-offs, and to receive these new frequencies, Inframerica has been adopting several health protocols, such as the thermographic solution to measure passengers’ body temperature and the availability of alcohol gel scattered in the main areas of the terminal. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/aeroportos/2020/08/aeroporto-de-brasilia-espera-aumento-de-58-na-movimentacao_175765.html