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ANAC to assist air transport of vaccines against Covid-19

The use of air transport in the distribution of vaccines and supplies for the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is strategic and necessary to ensure that all states receive medication safely and efficiently. To make this transport feasible, Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC in Portuguese) made help with the actions that are necessary to make vaccine transport in the country feasible available to airlines, public agents, laboratories, and others involved. The Agency’s objective is to structure a set of actions, guidelines, and measures to support processes that guarantee the facilitation of air transport of vaccines, medical supplies, and products necessary to make vaccination campaigns feasible. ANAC will provide support to airlines and airport operators, so that there is fluidity in the transport and arrival of vaccines, ensuring that they are transported safely and quickly within the standards defined internationally for the sector. To this end, the Agency is participating in discussions with other competent authorities and with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to discuss additional and regulatory measures that may be necessary for this transport. – https://www.anac.gov.br/noticias/2020/anac-ira-auxiliar-o-transporte-aereo-de-vacinas-contra-a-covid-19