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Aircraft sales communication process gains agility

Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC, in Portuguese), through the Brazilian Aeronautical Registry (RAB, also in Portuguese), simplified the process of communication of aircraft sales, making the analysis procedure declaratory, which ensures faster processing and less bureaucracy. The measure is a part of the modernization and process reduction strategy instituted by the Simple Flight Program (Voo Simples, in Portuguese). Started in November this year, the simplification of the sales communication process, which was a bottleneck for the start of aircraft operations, especially in relation to general aviation, has proven to be a successful action. The average service period, which used to be up to 28 days, dropped to 7 days. GTRAB manager Luciana Ferreira spoke about the initiative, “Since the implementation of ‘Voo Simples’, we have been thinking of solutions and strategies that can modernize and simplify processes within the RAB. We cannot be a bottleneck in the sector, we want to streamline processes, maintaining technical quality and safety”, she said. –