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North America records fastest air traffic recovery

The North American region is leading air traffic recoveries in the resumption. According to data from MoneyTransfers.com, the region has a planned capacity of 21.2 million seats in 2022, registering 2.1 million below the levels of March 2019, when it reached 24.3 million. According to the company, the North American continent is 14.8% below the number of pre-pandemic passengers. Analysts attribute the rapid recovery of the United States and Canada to the increase in the number of domestic passengers. In addition, the area had a faster and broader vaccination initiative. This has led to a partial or complete suspension of some Covid-19 mitigation measures. Other regions are not doing as well as North America. According to the analysis, in Southeast Asia, current seating capacity is a far cry from pre-pandemic numbers. Today, the region reports a planned capacity of 5.4 million seats. The area previously served 9.9 million passengers a week. Official Airline Guide data suggests the region is operating about 85% below its standard capacity. They point to several factors contributing to the region’s lag, one of them being the resurgence of Covid-19 infections in mid-2021. “Two years later, things are looking up and global aviation is slowly recovering”, said the MoneyTransfers CEO Jonathan Merry. “The gradual reopening of economies around the world has seen people return to work. And it allows for some movement, albeit at reduced levels. But it’s still a long way from what it was before the pandemic”, he concluded. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/pesquisas-e-estatisticas/2022/04/america-do-norte-registra-recuperacao-mais-rapida-de-trafego-aereo_188652.html