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Japan’s Mitsubishi and Eneos will produce cleaner jet fuel

Mitsubishi Corp. and Eneos Holdings are to jointly produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft. Companies will, by 2027, establish a domestic supply chain that handles everything from raw material procurement to manufacturing and distribution. With aviation decarbonisation regulations tightening around the world and competition for SAF increasing, the two companies aim to reduce their dependence on imports by establishing their own mass production system. SAF is derived from biomass such as used cooking oil and plants. It is blended with jet fuel derived from crude oil. With it, carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft can be reduced by 70% to 90% compared to conventional fuel. Worldwide, in 2020, 63 million liters of SAF were used, less than 1% of the total amount of aviation fuel used. It is estimated that the introduction of fuel regulations will require around 13 billion liters of SAF in Japan, the US, and Europe alone by 2030. –