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Social Responsibility

We aim at participating in the construction of a sustainable future by considering the economic, environmental, and social aspects involved in the process. To do so, we established some practices and are continually reviewing our work format, basing our decisions on concrete and business-relevant measures. This is how we contribute to the long-term success of our firm and the legal industry.

In order to stimulate the performance and development of women in our workplace, we encourage a leading role vision and attitude by creating different paths and providing career opportunities. We offer individual programs for the lawyer returning from maternity leave, including options to work from home on a full or part-time basis, in accordance with internal policies that define eligibility requirements.

When it comes to the development of sustainable practices, we adopted a program of digitization of our collection and the reduction of paper consumption. We have also encouraged the reduction of disposable plastics for some years, but due to safety and hygiene issues reassessed during the pandemic, we started to encourage our employees to use individual or disposable materials. We discuss this matter whenever possible to continue working on daily actions which may contribute to the reduction of waste.