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Airlines start expanding offers to Europe

Airlines which operate international flights in Brazil are preparing to expand the offer of flights to Europe, despite the restrictions that must be applied to Brazilian tourists. On June 11th, the European Commission reported that from July 1 on, it will block the entry of people from countries where the COVID-19 pandemic is not controlled – which would include Brazil. “The tourism is not going to return now. People are very afraid of buying international trips and be stopped at their destination to fulfill their quarantine ”, said Roberto Haro Nedelciu, president of the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators (Braztoa). According to the association, in the month of May, 56% of operators sold trips, 90% of which had cities in Brazil as their destination. According to Nedelciu, “There is no recovery movement for Europe, even for the second half.”

Learn more at: https://valor.globo.com/empresas/noticia/2020/06/15/aereas-comecam-a-ampliar-oferta-para-europa.ghtml