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Congonhas main airstrip will gain safety area at headlands

Considered one of the most important and busiest in the country, Congonhas Airport, located in the capital of the state of Sao Pulo, will soon undergo new works on its main runway, where dozens of commercial flights take off and land daily. The main runway, which has headwaters 17R and 35L, will be reduced by 55 meters, to implement the system known as “Runway Safe Green EMAS”. In addition, with the construction of new landfills, the new safety area will increase to 75 meters. In order to ensure safe operations, the installation will ensure the complete stop of an aircraft in the event of a runway excursion, when an aircraft leaves the surface of the aerodrome runway during a landing or take-off operation. With this, EMAS is a technology developed from light materials to stop airplanes in short runway airports, so that they do not cause injuries to people and minimal damage to the aircraft involved, causing the braking by the loss of energy required to break the material. – https://contatoradar.com.br/2021/01/pista-principal-de-congonhas-ganhara-area-de-seguranca-nas-cabeceiras/