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New rules for aviation fuels may reduce prices, says ANP

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP, in Portuguese) will hold a public consultation and hearing on the new rules for aviation fuels in the country. According to the agency, the increase in the supply of fuels can cause a reduction in prices and costs for airlines and, eventually, lead to lower prices for air tickets for consumers. The rules that will be consulted include the adoption of aviation kerosene JET-A, a product with less restrictive freezing points, already commercialized in the international market. In addition, there is also provision for revision of the specifications and quality control rules for other aviation fuels. The estimate is that aviation kerosene (QAV) may have a reduction between USD 0.3 and USD 0.6 per gallon, for example. – https://valor.globo.com/brasil/noticia/2021/01/29/novas-regras-para-combustveis-de-aviao-podem-reduzir-preos-diz-anp.ghtml