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ANAC approves rules for plane and helicopter sharing

The collegiate board of Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC, in Portuguese) approved on 02/09 the regulation for the sharing of private aircraft in Brazil. The text, by rapporteur of director Tiago Pereira, was unanimously approved by the board. The sector’s bet is that the new rules make room for new business by ending various legal insecurities. The topic has already been in public consultation twice, in 2015 and 2019. The American Civil Aviation Agency (FAA) already regulated aircraft sharing in 2003, and served as an inspiration for the model approved by ANAC. The changes approved by the board of ANAC will open space for sharing by establishing Subpart K in the Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulations (RBAC) 91, which includes private air transport. When reading his vote, Pereira highlighted that the current rules of RBAC 91 do not prevent the sharing model, and several operators are already exploring this market without any type of standardization. – https://valor.globo.com/empresas/noticia/2021/02/09/anac-aprova-regras-para-compartilhamento-de-avio-e-helicptero.ghtml