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In the US, fully vaccinated people will be able to travel again

People who have been “fully vaccinated” against covid-19 can resume travel without putting themselves at serious risk, as long as they wear masks and take other precautions, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on 4/2. The announcement marks a moderation by CDC, which previously maintained a general stance against travel. The shift comes after new studies have shown that anticovid vaccines have been effective in reducing the risk of infections with or without symptoms in real-world conditions. Last month, the CDC relaxed some of its safety guidelines for immunized individuals, but kept a watchful eye on unnecessary travel. CDC director Rochelle Walensky begged people to avoid non-essential trips in recent weeks, citing increases in the number of cases after vacation periods when there was an increase in travel. – https://valor.globo.com/mundo/noticia/2021/04/02/nos-eua-pessoas-plenamente-vacinadas-poderao-voltar-a-viajar.ghtml