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SP will require a vaccination passport in places

The City of Sao Paulo will launch a vaccination passport that should be required to enter places such as shops, services, and events in the city in the coming weeks. Locations that do not comply with the rule may be fined. All official details, the release date, and start of the measure will be announced shortly. The obligation will be that the citizen has the vaccination schedule up to date. This means that if they have only taken one dose and are still waiting to receive the second, they will not be barred from entering the seats. People with both doses of the immunizers or the single dose applied will normally be allowed. The city’s objective with this measure is to hinder the movement of unvaccinated people and encourage vaccination in the capital. The proof can be presented digitally, in the E-Saúde application, of the Municipal Health Department, or through the physical vaccination card. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/coronavirus/destinos/2021/08/sp-exigira-passaporte-de-vacinacao-nos-estabelecimentos_183757.html