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Tourism grows 18.6% in July and boosts e-commerce

With 1.73 billion accesses in July, national e-commerce grew 4.58% compared to the previous month, according to data from the E-commerce Sectors in Brazil Report, produced and released monthly by the Conversion agency. The Tourism sector contributed to boosting this entire industry. The market, which was impacted by declining sales, canceled or postponed without a definitive forecast trips was in decline for many periods during the pandemic. However, in this month’s survey, it is possible to notice important signs of the sector’s recovery, being the main responsible for the increase in accesses in the month. The Travel and Tourism segment alone grew 18.61%, boosting the entire e-commerce industry and bringing a little more precise perspectives on the economic movement and the population’s interest in returning to their travel habits, for example. The leading player in the category is Booking.com, followed by Hurb and 123 Milhas. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/mercado/pesquisas-e-estatisticas/2021/08/turismo-cresce-186-em-julho-e-impulsiona-e-commerce_183807.html