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In 2021, Colombia surpasses new 2019 international routes

Colombia is more connected to the world, according to ProColombia. This year, 12 airlines announced the entry into operation of 31 new international routes, of which 19 were inaugurated until September, a number that surpasses the one registered in 2019, before the pandemic, when 17 new air connections entered into operation. This means an increase of 82.3%. This year, the country opened connections with the cities of Punta Cana (Dominican Republic); New York, Orlando and Newark (United States); Cancun and Mexico City (Mexico); Lima (Peru); and also with Montreal (Canada) and Santiago (Chile), although the latter is suspended and pending reactivation before the end of the year. On the other hand, over the next few months, it is expected to start more connections with Mexico City, Santiago, Miami, Cancun, New York, Panama City, and Toronto. “More and more airlines are betting on the Colombian market. Also in 2021, two Mexican companies arrived in South America for the first time, and at least a dozen more are increasing their capacity in terms of number of frequencies and routes. We already have 22 airlines operating in the country, connecting eight Colombian cities with 24 countries, that is, we have already recovered 88% of the markets to which the country was connected in 2019”, said the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/novas-rotas/2021/09/em-2021-colombia-supera-novas-rotas-internacionais-de-2019_184481.html