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Textron delivered the 8,0000th Cessna Citation

In five decades, the Citation family has become synonymous with business aviation. Textron Aviation delivered the 8,000th Cessna Citation. The model that reached the historic milestone was a Citation Longitude, one of the newest products in Cessna’s family of business jets. In addition to accumulating 8,000 deliveries, the Citation family reached the milestone of 41 million hours flown, helping to establish new brands in the executive aircraft segment. The first model of the Citation family was delivered in 1972, exactly 50 years ago, establishing a new concept in the business aviation segment and making the brand one of the synonyms of “jet”, alongside the also iconic Learjet. In the last five decades, Cessna has launched more than thirty different models in the Citation line, with models that set new standards in the industry, such as the Citation X, Citation CJ1, among others. – https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/textron-entregou-o-cessna-citation-de-numero-80000.html