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Qatar shows technology it uses to save water when washing plane engines

On March 22, World Water Day, Qatar Airways shared images explaining how it applies new technology to reduce water consumption when cleaning engines. The GE 360 Foam Wash process was developed by General Electric (GE), and reduces water loss in the process by up to 40%. The process involves injecting a specially developed chemical solution that removes dirt particles from the engine more efficiently than water. According to the British portal Simple Flying, GE began testing the method in 2017, and it soon became popular with the technology giant’s large customers. Last year, during the Dubai Airshow 2021, the company celebrated the thousandth wash. According to Qatar, the method is particularly beneficial for aircraft flying in dusty environments such as deserts. In climates and environments such as most of the Middle East, the fan blades (front fan) and other internal parts accumulate many dust particles that will have a negative impact on the engine’s performance. The Doha-based airline points out that the gains go beyond the drop in water waste. With more efficient dirt removal, even fuel consumption has been reduced, service life has improved and consequently Qatar’s carbon footprint has decreased. So far, seven airlines have received technical licenses to use the GE 360 Foam Wash. All from the Middle East, such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and Saudi Arabian Airlines. – https://aeroin.net/qatar-mostra-a-tecnologia-que-usa-para-economizar-agua-ao-lavar-motores-dos-avioes/