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Latam celebrates one year of its sustainability agenda and reinforces commitments

On World Environment Day, LATAM issued a statement in which it says it reinforces its commitment to Sustainability. A year ago, the group announced its strategy for the topic, with goals that will be achieved through actions in the pillars of Climate Change, Circular Economy, and Shared Value. All actions are connected with the fulfillment of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). LATAM’s three main goals are: – Eliminate single-use plastics by 2023, and be a zero-waste-to-landfill company by 2027. – Compensate 50% of CO2 emissions from our domestic flights by 2030. – Be a 100% carbon company neutral by 2050. Advances in the Climate Change Pillar – LATAM leads the development of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel): In the first half of 2022, LATAM made a very important announcement. The company will seek to use 5% sustainable fuel by 2030, focusing on production in South America. In Brazil, it is actively participating in discussions involving the creation of a public policy in relation to sustainable aviation fuels. In addition, it is looking for partners in the area, as the SAF is essential to meet its goals in the Climate Change pillar. Since mid-March 2022, every Friday, the LATAM group has compensated for emissions generated on 9 emblematic routes of its operation. In Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro/Santos Dumont-Sao Paulo/Congonhas and Brasilia-Belem cargo routes are a part of the passenger routes. The selected routes represent the most emblematic of the company or that depart from strategic regions, such as Brasilia (one of the company’s main hubs) and Belem (important for its ecosystem). Initially, emissions are being offset in CO2BIO, the first project supported by LATAM for the conservation and rehabilitation of iconic ecosystems in the region, located in the Colombian Orinoquia. At the same time, the company is working to incorporate conservation projects in Brazil in the coming months. In January 2022, LATAM started its first upcycling project (creative reuse) of used uniforms, through a partnership with Revoada, a consultancy based in Porto Alegre, RS. The initiative, which starts with the reuse of 10 tons of used uniforms, is also playing an important role in women’s empowerment, generating income for women in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul state in situations of social vulnerability. Presents are already being developed (shoulder bags) with the used uniforms. And, soon, LATAM will have another batch of uniforms used for upcycling. The sustainable Amenity Kit has already been implemented in the Premium Business class of flights on the Guarulhos-Miami and Santiago-Madrid routes. In these cases, LATAM eliminated single-use plastics and incorporated materials such as bamboo, paper, and sugarcane. In addition, the art of South American artists was incorporated into the design. In Economy class, plastic coffee stirrers have been replaced by bamboo stirrers. Soon, with the resumption of in-flight service, the on-board recycling program will be implemented on domestic LATAM Brazil flights. In 2022, all NGOs already supported by LATAM in Brazil (Amigos do Bem, Gastromotiva, Gerando Falcoes, among others) are being incorporated into the Aviao Solidario program, which makes the entire infrastructure and connectivity of the company available to society in humanitarian situations of Health, Natural Disasters, and Environmental Preservation. Thus, NGOs receive donations of airline tickets and free access to cargo transportation, so that they can carry out their missions in Brazil. – https://aeroin.net/latam-comemora-um-ano-de-sua-agenda-de-sustentabilidade-e-reforca-compromissos/