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For the second consecutive month, June air transport indicators surpass results from before the pandemic

For the second consecutive month, the offer of flights in the domestic market measured in June 2022 by means of available seat kilometers (ASK) increased compared to the result obtained in the same month of 2019, pre-pandemic period. In June this year, the indicator grew by 0.5%. Compared to the same month last year, the increase was 45.8%. Passenger demand, measured in paid passenger kilometers transported (RPK – revenue passenger kilometer), also grew (36.2%) compared to data obtained in June 2021. Compared to the result obtained three years ago, in the same month of June, it was verified retraction of 7.1%. Another segment that also performed better than the results obtained three years ago was cargo transportation. There were almost 36 thousand tons moved in the sixth month of the year, which resulted in an increase of 5.2%. In relation to the volume transported in 2021, there was a positive variation, in the same period of comparison, of 2%. These and other indicators are available for consultation in the Demand and Supply Report, published by Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) on July 27. Brazilian airports handled more than 6 million people on national trips during the month of June. The number represented an increase of 43% compared to the movement verified in the terminals in the same month of last year, but there was a reduction, of 13.2%, when compared to June 2019. Still, the result verified in June 2022 was the best for this month in the last three years. The positive numbers achieved in the domestic market are not yet seen in the international market, in which only cargo transport has obtained results above what was verified before the pandemic. In June 2022, compared to the same month in 2019, there was a 25.5% growth in the volume of cargo transported on international routes. Compared to data obtained last year, the increase was 5.5%. Approximately 83 thousand tons were transported, the best result for the month of June since 2000, when data began to be released. In the sixth month of the year, the market for international flights saw a retraction in relation to the same period in 2019 in demand (-31.2%), in supply (-32.6%), and in the number of passengers transported (-36 .3%). Despite this, the total number of travelers in this market was the highest recorded since February 2020, surpassing more than 1.2 million passengers. – https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/noticias/2022/pelo-segundo-mes-consecutivo-indicadores-do-transporte-aereo-de-junho-superam-resultados-de-antes-da-pandemia