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Guarulhos Airport starts using drones to monitor operations

Sao Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, started using drones as a part of a Safety Work Plan. GRU Airport, the concessionaire that manages the airport, acquired two pieces of equipment from the manufacturer Dahua Technology that aim to monitor and protect the airport’s perimeter. According to Admilson Silva, director of operations at GRU Airport, technology will be a very important tool for the day-to-day management of the airport. “The arrival of these drones will help us to identify possible problems and act quickly to solve them”, explains the executive. Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPA), the drones were tested under the supervision of technicians from Dahua Technology and the dealership. After the tests, the vehicles are able to perform numerous other predictive and behavioral analyses, since they have embedded Artificial Intelligence technology. With the use of these aircraft, it is possible to identify and prevent fires, inspect species of animals that live in the complex, support inspections of the landing and take-off runways, warn of irregular invasions of the areas and guide decisions in logistics and transit in specific cases. The operations follow the rules of Operational Safety and Civil Aviation standards. Two devices with thermal camera were acquired, which have two sets of batteries (8 batteries) and two sets of spare propellers. They are robust equipment and withstand the numerous gusts of wind that the place constantly receives. The drone can be used in wet and dark conditions. In addition, the cameras have 30X Optical Zoom with StarLight technology that allow these equipment to be used even in low light environments, which are capable of identifying people, animals, and objects from a distance. The use of drones aims to protect the entire perimeter of Guarulhos airport, with actions that seek to increase safety and protection of the environment. – https://passageirodeprimeira.com/aeroporto-de-guarulhos-comeca-a-usar-drones-para-monitorar-operacoes/