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Latam is the 1st certified airline in the region for training employees to assist people with autism

LATAM informs that it is implementing new measures to improve the travel experience for passengers with autism, including more than 10,000 employees certified in assisting passengers with the autistic spectrum and the implementation of a lanyard that makes invisible disabilities visible. The initiatives were possible thanks to the support of Autism Double-Checked, an organization dedicated to preparing and promoting a more adequate service for people with autism in the sector, and the Girassol program for the invisible disabled, which seeks to discreetly facilitate the identification of people in a situation of disability that cannot be recognized with the naked eye. More than 10,000 employees underwent training in three stages: – Autism Aware, which provides the necessary sensitivity tools; – Autism Ready, which provides employees with job-specific information and training on situations that may arise and how to handle them; and – Autism Double-Checked, which corresponds to the publication of information so that the autistic community can orient themselves and make their flight on LATAM more pleasant. The Girassol program for the invisible disabled aims to facilitate, by means of a cord, the identification of passengers with disabilities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. In this first phase of implementation, LATAM will make the lanyard available for passengers with low vision, hearing loss, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This will be available free of charge and can be requested at the check-in desks at the main airports where the group operates. In addition, language was standardized using appropriate and inclusive terminology in group communications and procedure manuals to refer to people with disabilities. – https://aeroin.net/latam-e-a-1a-aerea-certificada-na-regiao-por-treinar-funcionarios-ao-atendimento-de-autistas/