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Brazilians with Portuguese citizenship gain a new type of US visa

The United States included Portugal in the list of countries with a trade and navigation treaty, the last of the European countries that still did not have this type of agreement with the North Americans. This means that Portuguese citizens, including Brazilians with dual citizenship, gain a new type of visa, the E2. Marcelo Godke, partner lawyer at Godke Law Firm, which works in US citizenship processes, explains that this type of visa is one of the simplest and least bureaucratic to obtain. “It is not a green card, but it allows you to temporarily live in the US, including your spouse and children under 21. The concession lasts five years and can be renewed, in addition to being a path to definitive citizenship”. According to him, this modality allows citizens, once in the country, to seek legal means to obtain a green card, unlike others, which do not open this loophole. Although Brazil and the US do not have this agreement, the measure applies to those with Portuguese citizenship and can be an opportunity for those with investment capacity. – https://passageirodeprimeira.com/brasileiros-com-cidadania-portuguesa-ganham-uma-nova-modalidade-de-visto-dos-eua/