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Airplane black boxes may have to record 25 hours of data

Due to the serious incidents that almost resulted in accidents at airports in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration of the country (FAA) is about to require that the black boxes of the planes begin to record 25 hours of data, instead of the current two hours. The advance in the beginning of the implementation of this measure came during the US regulator’s Aviation Safety Summit, which took place on March 15, and brought together safety leaders from across the airline industry, as well as the country’s Secretary of Transportation. At the time, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) criticized the current data recording limit, citing the latest incidents at the terminals. According to Jennifer Homendy, president of the agency, six critical safety incidents this year saw cabin voice recorders replaced due to the two-hour limit. The FAA agreed to move forward with a proposal to implement the requirement to increase data recording to 25 hours. According to Bloomberg, pilot unions are against any type of recording extension in black boxes, without any additional protection to the privacy of professionals. – https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/caixas-pretas-de-avioes-poderao-ter-que-gravar-25-horas-de-dados.html