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ANAC signs agreement for the implementation of runways with sustainable energy

On April 18, Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC, in Portuguese) signed the first specific term for admission into a regulatory sandbox with Vinci Airports, enabling the implementation of a lighting system for taxiways, landing, and takeoff, with individual sources of photovoltaic energy. With unprecedented use in civil aviation, the technology will be implemented and tested at the airports of Tabatinga and Tefe, both in Amazonas. What is new is the use of primary energy sources for night beaconing. Instead of the runway lighting system being connected to an electric current, each point will have its own power supply, reducing the chance of several simultaneous points going out, in the event of a power outage. In this way, night operations become safer, as the beaconing will remain visible to the pilot. The regulatory sandbox, specific and conditional authorization, granted by regulatory bodies, was instituted to enable the adoption of innovative solutions by companies, new technologies that still do not find support in the current regulation. The project is the first signed by ANAC after the publication of Ordinance 10.219, of January 9, 2023, which established this new tool within the scope of airport infrastructure. – https://aeroin.net/anac-assina-acordo-para-implementacao-de-pistas-com-energia-sustentavel/