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Latin America and the Caribbean once again at the forefront of the recovery of the world airline industry

In April 2023, the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region saw a notable recovery in the number of air passengers transported, surpassing other regions of the world. According to the Traffic Report prepared by the Air Transport Association of Latin America and the Caribbean (ALTA), 29.1 million passengers were transported in LAC during that month, reaching 99.8% of passengers compared to April 2019. “Throughout 2022, Latin America and the Caribbean continued to be the region in the world with the highest passenger recovery. An impressive milestone for being a region that did not receive any financial support during the pandemic”, highlights Jose Ricardo Botelho, executive president and CEO of ALTA. Compared to other regions, Africa dropped to second place with a recovery of 96.6% in April 2023. The Middle East reached 95.7%, North America 93.7%, and Europe 85.3%. Southeast Asia remains the region with the least recovery, reaching 83.2%. “The aviation industry in Latin America and the Caribbean continues to show remarkable recovery, and we will continue to work closely with industry participants and government authorities to further drive the aviation recovery in the region,” says Botelho. – https://aeroin.net/america-latina-e-caribe-de-novo-na-lideranca-a-recuperacao-do-setor-aereo-mundial/