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Annual performance report on air traffic management in Brazil is published by DECEA

The Airspace Control Department (DECEA, in Portuguese) informs that it has made available, through its Operations Subdepartment, the ATM Performance Report (Air Traffic Management) of the Brazilian Airspace Control System (SISCEAB). The document aims to provide data for 2022, enabling a macro management analysis of the system, as well as of each Regional Organization of DECEA. In this new edition, the monitoring of performance was updated with the inclusion of the Aviation Safety and ATM Community Participation areas, which were reflected in the AVSEC indicators and in the SISCEAB Satisfaction Survey, whose result showed that 73, 2% of respondents consider the provision of air navigation services by DECEA to society to be excellent or good. Some recent implementations at SISCEAB that are related to the overall performance of the ATM system were also presented, including an initial approach to drones (UAS and derivatives) and the environment. According to the survey, the demand for air traffic that uses navigation services in Brazilian airspace has already exceeded by 5.2% the volume of movements recorded in 2019, the pre-pandemic year. Given this scenario, DECEA has been preparing for growth projections for the coming years. The busiest airport in Brazil continues to be Guarulhos (SBGR), with 245,163 movements, 28.5% higher than the previous year. Runway and airspace capacities are projected to meet current levels of demand, as well as future growth in the short and medium term. – https://aeroin.net/relatorio-anual-de-performance-do-gerenciamento-de-trafego-aereo-do-brasil-e-publicado-pelo-decea/