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Airbus signs partnership for the production of aviation kerosene made from alcohol

Airbus jets may soon be flying around the world on less polluting fuel made from alcohol. The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer signed an agreement with LanzaJet during the Paris Air Show 2023 to meet the production needs of SAF, which is sustainable aviation fuel. LanzaJet now has a patent that transforms alcohol into jet fuel (Aviation Kerosene). Ethanol is converted to Kerosene and Synthetic Paraffinic Diesel in a process that takes the alcohol used at home, dehydrates it, separates it from the water, then undergoes oligomerization and hydrogenation, followed by fractionation to reach the final result of the desired SAF. The agreement foresees that Airbus will accompany the SAF process carried out by LanzaJet, and that soon the aircraft manufactured by the company will be compatible and approved to fly with 100% of this new kerosene made from ethanol. Today in aviation, the use of ethanol is limited to piston aircraft, such as the Embraer Ipanema. – https://aeroin.net/airbus-firma-parceria-para-producao-de-querosene-de-aviacao-feito-de-alcool/