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Joint venture created to build the new Starlab space station that will replace the ISS

Voyager Space and Airbus Defense and Space (Airbus), today announced an agreement paving the way for a joint venture to develop, build, and operate Starlab, a commercial space station planned to succeed the International Space Station. The US-led joint venture will bring together world-class leaders in the space domain while further uniting US and European interests in space exploration. “We are proud to charter the future of space stations with Airbus”, said Matthew Kuta, President of Voyager Space. “The International Space Station is widely considered the most successful platform for global cooperation in space history, and we are committed to building on that legacy as we move forward with Starlab. We are establishing this joint venture to reliably meet known demand from global space agencies, while opening up new opportunities for commercial users.” Voyager was awarded a USD160 million Space Act Agreement (SAA) by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in December 2021 via Nanoracks, part of Voyager’s exploration segment. Part of NASA’s Low Earth Orbit Commercial Development Program, this SAA lays the groundwork to create Starlab, a continuously crewed free-flight space station to serve NASA and a global customer base of space agencies and researchers. The program’s mission is to maintain a continued human presence and American leadership in low Earth orbit (LEO). Starlab will also have a European joint venture subsidiary to directly serve the European Space Agency (ESA) and its member state space agencies. This announcement follows a major design milestone in Starlab’s development, the Systems Requirements Review (SRR), which defines key space systems, technical readiness, and ability to meet NASA’s mission and safety requirements. Starlab SRR was completed in June 2023 in coordination with NASA’s LEO Commercial Development Program team. “Today marks a major step towards the future of commercial space destinations”, continues Kuta. “We are proud to be trusted by NASA to build the ISS replacement, a partnership that expands Starlab’s ecosystem to global space agencies, and a team that is mission-driven and dedicated to reimagining the future.” The implementation of the joint venture will be subject to applicable regulatory approvals. https://www.aeroflap.com.br/criada-joint-venture-para-construcao-da-nova-estacao-espacial-starlab-que-substituira-a-iss/