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More than 3.7 million passengers used Guarulhos Airport in August 2023

The concessionaire GRU Airport reported that Sao Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, recorded 24 thousand landings and takeoffs and the movement of around 3.7 million passengers in the month of August. The administrator also provided data for July and August, which show that the movement accumulated since January reached 27 million people embarking and disembarking through the terminals of the busiest airport in Brazil in 2023. In August, national operations, which connected Guarulhos Airport to 50 domestic destinations, had an average of 80 thousand passengers per day. Rio de Janeiro, Recife, and Porto Alegre were the most popular destinations in the last two months. In the previous month, July, the holiday period, national operations had an average of 83 thousand passengers per day, with 18,402 landings and takeoffs, an average of 593 operations per day, which connected 51 domestic destinations. During the high holiday season, in July, international movement was around 41,000 passengers per day, with 6,343 landings and takeoffs. In August, there were around 40 thousand passengers per day, with 6,321 landings and takeoffs. – https://aeroin.net/mais-de-37-milhoes-de-passageiros-utilizaram-o-aeroporto-de-guarulhos-em-agosto-de-2023/