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Lufthansa introduces new AI assistant that supports people who control airline operations

German Lufthansa Systems, a company that is part of the Lufthansa Group, announced on February 15 that it now offers a new state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based operations control assistant for the airline industry. NetLine/Ops++ aiOCC is a web-based AI assistant that supports air operations controllers to increase the stability and efficiency of daily operations. The solution is already in use and optimized together with the first customers. According to the company, airline operations controllers make countless complex decisions every day. They react to unforeseen events, such as weather conditions or strikes, to minimize their impact, as such disruptions can cause high costs for the airline. The operations controller needs to analyze several sources of information in a few minutes to find the best solution. This is exactly where Lufthansa claims that NetLine/Ops++ aiOCC comes into play: the system analyzes historical data and monitors all events around the aircraft, turnaround time, passengers, and crew simultaneously to identify delay risks in advance. It then generates concrete recommendations on how to improve real-time operations, which is critical in this work environment. The intelligent assistant focuses on recommendations, but the decision itself always remains with the operations controller. – https://aeroin.net/lufthansa-apresenta-novo-assistente-por-ia-que-apoia-pessoas-que-controlam-as-operacoes-das-empresas-aereas/