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Azul Conecta, Azul’s regional airline, is launched in Jundiai

Azul Conecta, Azul’s new regional company, was officially launched in Jundiai, SP on 08/11. With 14 Cessna Gran Caravan aircraft for nine passengers, in addition to three freighters from the same manufacturer, Azul Conecta is the result of the purchase of TwoFlex back in May for BRL 123M. Azul Conecta starts operating in 36 Brazilian destinations. Still with the logo of TwoFlex, Azul Conecta’s single engines have already flown 3,256 hours between May and June, which corresponds to 55 flight hours per day of the fleet that is in operation. With the subsidiary, Azul Linhas Aereas intends to reach more than 200 destinations in Brazil. Before the pandemic, the airline served around 110 national cities, and held the leadership in reach in the country. Azul Conecta also represents a gain in slots in Congonhas, for which Azul Linhas Aereas fought so hard last year. That is because TwoFlex had 14 slots at the central airport in Sao Paulo. Above all, Azul Conecta’s intention is to assist the already numerous network of Azul Linhas Aereas. It is worth mentioning that Jundiai is close to Campinas, SP, where Viracopos airport is, Azul’s central hub. The plurality of Azul’s fleet is one of the company’s greatest assets, and Azul Conecta comes to reinforce what is already diverse. “This is Azul’s strength. Our fleet with small, medium, large, and ‘super large’ aircraft. That will be the resumption of the country, using small for small cities, medium for medium, and so on”, said John Rodgerson, the optimistic president of Azul in this official launch, seeking to lift the spirits of those present. “I know that everyone is sad about everything that is happening in the world, but this will end, and we need to look to the future and how Brazil will grow. With these aircraft, we will transform the country once again, reaching 200 more destinations”. –