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iFood will be the first company to deliver by drone with ANAC’s authorization

Last week, ANAC authorized the test to deliver products with drones. On 8/12 iFood announced that it will be the first in the Americas to start experimental flights to make deliveries certified by Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). Roberto Gandolfo, vice president of Logistics at iFood, said, “This was an important step to build a safe, efficient, and economically sustainable project with our partners and responsible bodies. This is a very significant step in the evolution of commercial use of drones. Our primary objective is to use the drone to bring more efficiency to the logistics operation. We are confident in the evolution that the use of this modal combined with artificial intelligence can bring to the company.” In July, Speedbird Aero and AL Drones promoted the final rehearsals of the project in Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, with the participation of ANAC. “The project was conducted in a professional manner. Every detail of the aircraft was carefully worked out, making unmanned aerial logistics a possibility in the country ”, points out Samuel Salomao, founder and CPO of Speedbird Aero. The entire certification process took about 11 months. – https://passageirodeprimeira.com/ifood-sera-a-primeira-empresa-a-realizar-entrega-por-drone-com-autorizacao-da-anac/