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Company creates tool for air taxi rental

The fleet of aircraft for air taxi plays an important role in a country with continental dimensions and with few regular flights outside major centers, such as Brazil. Many companies and public agencies need this type of transport to take their managers to more distant places fast and safely. In this scenario, Framework developed earlier this year a tool that makes contact between customers and operators easier and more agile. Fly Adam is a platform where the customer can rent a plane anywhere in Brazil and abroad from the computer, without having to quote from different companies. The website works in a similar way to that of a common airline or other travel platforms: the customer informs the origin, destination, schedules, number of passengers, departure, and return dates. The tool will then present the relevant rental options, as well as the types of aircraft available, the passenger capacity, and the price of the service. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/viagens-corporativas/aviacao/2020/08/empresa-cria-ferramenta-para-aluguel-de-taxi-aereo_176044.html