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Brazil’s IRS resumes face-to-face service and administrative deadlines are reopened

The Special Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil published ORDINANCE RFB #4261, from 2020, regulating the resumption of face-to-face service from 9/1/2020. For now, the face-to-face service is restricted to the provision of the following services:


  • registration acts of individuals;
  • issuance of a copy of documents related to the Personal Income Tax and the income in Declaration of the Income Tax Deducted at Source;
  • receipt of documents, requirements, defenses, and resources whose protocol through the internet is optional or non-existent;
  • issuance of collection documents not available on the RFB website, on the internet; and
  •  tax debts and pending consultations with individuals and the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI).


Ordinance 543/2020 and its amendments that regulated the suspension of procedural deadlines were revoked, so they started to run again from 9/1/2020. Therefore, we recommend special attention to communications received from the Special Department of​ Federal Revenue of Brazil in the coming weeks.