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Brasilia’s airport has a 54% increase in passengers in August

The Brasilia Airport finished the month of August with 401,316 passengers, an increase of 54.1% when compared to July. In the period, 5,532 landings and takeoffs were carried out. This is the fourth consecutive month in which the terminal has registered an increase in movement since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Gradually, air operations are resumed, but the effects of the pandemic are still part of day-to-day life at the Brasilia Airport: the flow was still 68.87% less than that registered in August 2019. Brasilia took some sanitary measures to fight the coronavirus. Passengers’ temperature is checked both when boarding and when disembarking, alcohol gel dispensers have been installed throughout the air terminal, social distancing rules are demarcated on the floor, and hygiene has been intensified. In addition, the use of a mask is mandatory throughout the air terminal.