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Azul collects and transports food to the state of Amapa

Azul joined volunteers and decided to help Amapa state, which has been experiencing extreme difficulties with the lack of energy in the state due to a problem with generators, leaving everything in the dark. The state has been without power for days because of a lightning strike in a substation, reaching generators on the only power transmission line that supplies more than 90% of Amapa. As a result, it is practically in the dark, and many basic foods and supplies are being lost due to the lack of energy that supplies refrigerators, for example. The Brazilian Air Force is already carrying 50 tons of equipment, many of them diesel generators, to provide a palliative solution until the situation normalizes, which is expected to happen in the coming weeks. In addition, several organizations got together in Belem to collect food, which was taken by an Airbus A320neo from Azul on a regular flight from the capital of Para to Macapa, on the other side of Marajo Island, at dawn on Sunday. Several basic baskets, bottles of water, and other supplies were collected, which were also donated in part by the airline. – https://www.aeroin.net/azul-arrecada-transporta-alimentos-ajuda-amapa/