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JetSMART obtains biosafety certification and starts selling ticket to Brazil

JetSMART has become the first Chilean airline to obtain certification for its pandemic health protocols from an independent body. This seal was awarded in October by the Chilean company IRAM, which has more than 85 years of experience and is a member of several international standardization and certification organizations, such as the International Standardization Organization (ISO). The achievement of the “Pandemic Protocol IRA Seal” consisted of a process of analyzing the biosafety steps documented by the airline, as well as conducting on-site certification audits of the entire travel process, both at the airport and on several flights. Thus, there was an unrestricted compliance with all biosafety protocols detailed in the “SMART Commitment”. Some of the actions of this protocol are: to check the body temperature at the airport to avoid the entry of passengers with fever; contactless boarding; partnership with the Red Cross to carry out preventive lectures on board; sale of food on board through an electronic menu for download on mobile devices using a QR code; and a new standard for boarding and disembarking procedures, ensuring greater social distance between people. – https://contatoradar.com.br/2020/11/jetsmart-obtem-certificacao-de-biosseguranca-e-inicia-vendas-de-passagens-para-o-brasil/