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Condor is operating cargo flights for DHL

One of Germany’s most popular airlines has also started cargo flights with passenger aircraft. However, to increase the number of this type of operations, it entered into a partnership with a large company in the sector. As a result, four of its 767 Boings are operating for DHL Express. The aircraft are based in Leipzig (LEJ), DHL’s HUB in Europe, and will initially operate until the end of May. In the future, these flights may also carry vaccines from Covid-19. Condor has operated cargo flights since April last year, transporting e-commerce products, medical, and protective equipment. “We already operated cargo flights last year, and have expanded our experience so far. We are very pleased to now also work with a partner as experienced as DHL Express”, said Christian Schmitt, Director of Operations at Condor. “The partnership also shows that Condor can adapt flexibly to special circumstances, and contribute an important part of the global chain in cooperation with DHL”. – https://contatoradar.com.br/2021/02/condor-esta-operando-voos-cargueiros-para-a-dhl/