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Government starts 100% digital air boarding test

On March 11, the Federal Government started the 100% digital air boarding tests at Santos Dumont Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, using facial recognition and without presenting a boarding pass or ID. The “Embarque + Seguro” pilot project, created by the National Civil Aviation Secretariat of the Ministry of Infrastructure and developed by the Federal Data Processing Service (SERPRO) aims to make the boarding process at airports more agile, safe, and efficient. According to Infraero, which manages the airport terminal, this tool was already offered in the world market, and now arrives in Brazil, but with the differential of having SERPRO technology, which uses a unified database, capable of checking and validating , in a few seconds, the passenger’s identity. After the approval of the pilot project, the federal government intends to implement the technology in the main airports in the country. In the coming weeks, similar tests should take place at Sao Paulo-Congonhas Airport (CGH) and at Confins International Airport, in Minas Gerais. The idea is to complete the process by June. Infraero’s Operation Management superintendent, Paulo Eduardo Cavalcante, explained that the tool will allow the airport unit to enter a group of airports that use the technology to streamline boarding processes and ensure security in the controls required by transportation air. “In the present case, for example, the checking time per passenger with the new tool is approximately two seconds. In addition, one of the great advantages is the elimination of the need to handle papers and documents, a measure in line with the best practices to combat covid-19, and that Infraero has already been adopting at its airports”, he said. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/aeroportos/2021/03/governo-inicia-teste-de-embarque-aereo-100-digital_180203.html