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American promises significant changes in the experience of flying

American Airlines is introducing new contactless features that promise significant changes to the experience of flying on resumption of travel. Testing of touchless technologies will begin at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport terminal and select rooms at the Admirals Club. Before traveling to the airport, passengers will be able to view the travel requirements for their destination using the airline’s travel tool, and use the VeriFLY mobile health passport application after booking the ticket to confirm that they have complied with all protocols. The app also offers the possibility to interact with a virtual assistant or have a live chat with a customer service representative to answer any questions you may have about travel. On the day of departure, it will facilitate check-in and label printing for bags, without the need to use a kiosk at the terminal. This month, American is also expanding the contactless baggage delivery test at most Dallas Fort Worth terminals. Presented last year at DFW and Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport, travelers who sign up will be able to test biometric technology to check their luggage without using a physical ID or boarding pass. The insights from these tests will assist testing in the future to create touch points of reference throughout the customer experience at the airport, including a domestic biometric boarding test in collaboration with DFW later this year. “Although fewer customers have traveled in the past year, our team has used their time to develop, test, and implement new ways to give customers more confidence and comfort when traveling. We are ready to welcome customers back on board with smart, touchless technology that puts more control in their hands and makes travel more comfortable”, says Julie Rath, vice president of Customer Experience and Reservations for the airline. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/empresas/2021/03/american-promete-mudancas-significativas-na-experiencia-de-voar_180300.html