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ALTA asks governments to act coordinately to resume aviation

ALTA (Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association, in Portuguese) joined IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ACI-LAC (International Airports Council for Latin America and the Caribbean, in Portuguese) at the request of the region’s federal governments defending the need for prior and coordinated planning, so that commercial aviation is resumed, as soon as the new mobility restrictions in the Latin American region are removed. “We understand and share that people’s well-being is the priority. For this reason, after intense dialogue with health authorities and government representatives, airlines, airports and suppliers, we are prepared to offer a secure service with all the necessary protocols for the protection of users and employees. At this moment, however, it is essential to have regional regulatory harmonization and a clear picture for the industry and, especially, for users. Air transport requires detailed planning of all logistics to be managed. On the one hand, to guarantee the most important thing, which is security. On the other hand, to serve passengers, who need predictability to trust travel again”, says an excerpt from the letter. ALTA also suggests that governments in the region start to consider workers in the sector as essential and that they be included among the priority groups to receive the vaccines available against covid-19. “The current restrictions not only keep hundreds of aircraft, workers, and passengers on the ground, but also directly affect the connectivity and socioeconomic benefits that this sector brings to our countries. On behalf of the industry, we reiterate the urgency of establishing transparent and fluid communication with the sector, which allows the necessary planning to restart operations in a stable manner”, reinforces the statement. Another point defended by representatives of the sector is the expansion of the testing policy. ALTA argues that testing will play a key role in giving governments the confidence to reopen their borders. “Studies indicate that antigen tests are a real alternative to PCR tests, as they meet all the required characteristics (efficacy, cost, and access)”, he says. “Air transport has proven to be a safe medium and feeds a wide value chain, including, among others, tourism, services, commerce, construction, gastronomy, and other sectors that generate jobs and well-being for countries and their inhabitants. We provide an essential and efficient service to the population and to the transportation of vital inputs, including vaccines. We are prepared with multiple programs that harmonize health measures to regain the trust of users”, concludes the letter. – ttps://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/empresas/2021/04/alta-pede-que-governos-ajam-na-coordenacao-da-retomada-da-aviacao_180789.html