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CCR takes two blocks at auction at airports with high premiums

Despite the worsening of the pandemic and the crisis that shakes the airline industry, the airport auction held on April 7th had competition in the three blocks offered, made a collection of BRL 3.3 MM to the federal government, and ended with the victory of large groups : CCR, which took the Southern and Central lots, and the French Vinci Airports, which took the Northern block. CCR was the highlight of the day. The company won the dispute for the Southern Block, the most attractive of the auction, with an aggressive bid of BRL 2.13 MM in grant, which will be paid soon after the auction. The government already projected greater competition in this block, but the proposal exceeded expectations. The group offered twice the value of the second place – the Spanish Aena, which bid BRL 1.05 MM – and seven times higher than the third place – the Infraestrutura Brasil consortium (owned by Pátria). CCR’s proposal represented a premium of 1,534% when compared to the minimum amount defined in the notice. –