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Manufacturers expand studies for new fuels and engines

Two aviation giants advanced in their projects to decarbonize the sector for the next few years by making official programs aimed at the sustainability of the aircraft and its engines. Airbus has created Zero Emission Development Centers (ZEDC) in order to manufacture cost-competitive cryogenic tanks to support the future launch of ZEROe fuel (in allusion to zero carbon emissions) on the market and accelerate the development of propulsion technologies to hydrogen. They will be located at the bases in Nantes, France, and Bremen, Germany. Both research centers will be fully operational in 2023, including allowing the construction of LH2 tanks, and the first test flight is scheduled for 2025. GE Aviation has launched a sustainable engine technology demonstration program, in partnership with French company Safran , which works with equipment for aircraft. The idea is to reduce fuel and CO2 consumption by 20% compared to today’s engines. The so-called CFM Rise (Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engines) will evaluate a variety of new technologies for future engines, which could come into service in the mid-2030s. In addition to the program, both companies signed an agreement with the intention to lead the way to more sustainable aviation, in line with the industry’s commitment to halving carbon emissions by 2050. – ttps://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/fabricantes-ampliam-estudos-para-novos-combustiveis-e-motores_6788.html