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Embraer forecasts carbon neutral operations by 2040

Embraer has announced new ESG goals, including a commitment to carbon neutral operations by 2040. The company has developed environmental and social responsibility goals, which include offering an inclusive work environment for all employees and launching an zero emissions, all integrated into its corporate sustainability plan. “At Embraer, we recognize the urgency of the climate crisis and are fully committed to a more sustainable future. We are intensifying our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint by remaining dedicated to innovative solutions that have a broader impact for our customers, local communities, and our aircraft”, said Embraer President and CEO Francisco Gomes Neto. “ESG is at the heart of Embraer’s purpose, and that’s why we’ve included it as one of the pillars of our ‘Fit for Growth’ strategic plan, aligning business strategy with social responsibility and environmental practices”. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/empresas/2021/08/embraer-preve-operacoes-neutras-em-carbono-ate-2040_183592.html