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ANAC approves measure to reduce impacts of covid-19 on commercial flights

Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC, in Portuguese) informs that it has received and analyzed requests for recognition of the existence of an Equivalent Security Level submitted by airlines for the reduction of flight attendants. Since last week, when the first requests were sent, the Agency authorized two of them: for Azul Linhas Aereas and Gol Linhas Aereas. Latam Linhas Aereas also submitted a similar request to ANAC. The ordinance will be published this week in Brazil’s Official Gazette (DOU, in Portuguese). The requests were granted by the Agency considering the advancement of the Omicron variant and its impacts on the availability of crew members to conduct scheduled flights. The objective is to adopt operational measures against the impacts of flight delays and cancellations, maintaining the security levels required by ANAC. According to the published ordinances, airlines must inform the Agency, every 15 days from the date of authorization issued, the list of flights that operated with the reduction in the number of flight attendants, including the date, the registration of the aircraft, flight number, and departure time. The granting of the Equivalent Security Level to airlines will be valid until 03/13/2022 for Azul, until 03/14/2022 for Gol Linhas Aereas, and until 03/17/2022 for Latam. Recognition of the existence of an Equivalent Security Level is a procedure provided for in RBAC #11, and applies to situations in which there is no literal fulfillment of a requirement established by ANAC, but compensatory factors are adopted that guarantee the achievement of its purpose, with an equivalent level or higher security. The Agency emphasizes that it has been studying measures in the regulatory sphere with the objective of minimizing impacts on the air network due to the increase in cases caused by respiratory diseases, which have caused the removal of professionals who work in the sector. ANAC continues to monitor the operational measures adopted by the airlines, as well as compliance with the provision of assistance to passengers, as determined by ANAC Resolution # 400 from 12/13/2016. – https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/noticias/2022/anac-aprova-medida-para-reduzir-impactos-da-covid-19-em-voos-comerciais