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Ministry redefines airport blocks for concessions and will auction Santos Dumont alone

In agreement with the government of Rio de Janeiro, the Ministry of Infrastructure decided to redesign the airport blocks to be awarded this semester and auction Santos Dumont, RJ, alone. The seventh round of concessions is scheduled for the first half of the year. The feasibility studies and contract drafts have already been forwarded by the government to the Federal Audit Court (TCU in Portuguese), which needs to approve them in order to make the auction viable. In all, 16 airports will be privatized. Before, they were divided into three blocks, mixing surpluses and deficits. Santos Dumont had taken over the executive airport of Jacarepagua, but it should now be auctioned separately. “This was an agreement between the federal government and the State of Rio de Janeiro because we think that this way competition will be fairer, and we will evolve this modeling process within the debates that are being made”, wrote to the press the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio Freitas. Executive profile airports, aimed at general aviation, will form a single block from now on. Campo de Marte, SP, and Jacarepagua, RJ, will be in it. The forecast is that they will have a minimum grant of BRL 138 M and mandatory investments of BRL 560 M. The bloc headed by Congonhas, SP, considered the most attractive in the next round of concessions, already had airports in Mato Grosso do Sul and Para together. Now it also receives the Minas Gerais terminals. In the new configuration, this lot will have: Congonhas, SP, Campo Grande, Corumba, and Ponta Pora, MS, Santarem, Maraba, Carajas, and Altamira, PA, Uberlandia, Uberaba, and Montes Claros, MG. The investment will be of BRL 5.8 MM, and the initial grant is of BRL 255 M. The Norte II block will have Belem, PA, and Macapa, AP, with BRL 875 M in investments, and a minimum bid of BRL 57 M. Alone, Santos Dumont will require investments of BRL 1.3 MM, and an initial grant of BRL 731 M. – https://valor.globo.com/brasil/noticia/2022/01/31/ministerio-redefine-blocos-de-aeroportos-para-concessoes-e-leiloara-santos-dumont-sozinho.ghtml