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First foreign pilot graduated from Emirates Academy is a woman

The story of Bayan Al Turabi, Emirates Flight Training Academy’s first international pilot cadet to graduate, celebrates women in aviation and highlights the importance of female role models. Bayan’s inspiring journey as a cadet at the Emirates Academy is a story of determination and success, and a testament to a “dream come true”. Bayan shares her personal story and holds her sister (also a certified pilot) accountable for giving her the confidence to look to a career in aviation. Growing up in Bahrain, Bayan lived in a house located between the airport and the sea, and that’s where her love story with travel and aviation began. Bayan’s family encouraged her and her siblings to aspire to and achieve everything they wanted, telling them that nothing is impossible. “From a very young age, I had an extreme desire to explore the world. As I had never met a female pilot growing up, considering a career in aviation was never an option for me. Until witnessing my sister fly a plane for the first time. Hearing her voice through the aircraft’s sound system presented new potential for me to combine my passion for travel with an established career in aviation. Seeing her earn her stripes along the way inspired me and encouraged me to follow in her footsteps. I hope that by sharing my story, I can encourage more young women to consider aviation as their career as well, or at least let them know that they can achieve their own dreams and blue skies if they put their hearts and minds into it.” – https://aeroin.net/primeiro-piloto-estrangeiro-formado-pela-academia-da-emirates-e-uma-mulher/