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New Gol network: The northeast has 105% of pre-crisis flights

Started in the last week of March, the new network of Gol Linhas Aereas is already in full swing, with an average forecast of 525 flights per day in April, reaching peaks of 590, according to the company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Eduardo Bernardes. This volume represents 82% of Gol’s operational capacity in April 2019 (national and international), and the forecast is to close the year with 110%. In the April network, counting only domestic flights, Gol already reaches 98% of pre-pandemic volume. Internationally, between 30% and 40%, with a forecast of reaching 100% only in 2023. In the Northeast alone, Gol has already reached 105% of the pre-pandemic network, that is, it is already flying more, reaching 123 flights per day. There are frequency increases on routes such as Porto Alegre-Recife, Congonhas-Recife, Fortaleza-Juazeiro do Norte, Salvador-Vitória da Conquista, among others. And at the end of the year, flights from the Northeast to Buenos Aires will return. The new network represents a strategic resumption of the company, which was quite conservative during the pandemic and lost its leadership in market share, something it always had in the years just before the pandemic. “We are not going to have disorderly growth. We will grow where there is demand. The important thing is that we remain a healthy company”, said Bernardes, in a meeting of Abav Nacional in Natal city, two weeks ago. And playing against the project of any airline in Brazil are the still high exchange rate (despite a recent drop) and fuel at stratospheric prices. If before the pandemic QAV represented 32% of costs, today this index has risen to 52%. Fares, of course, have already gone up, and according to Gol they are higher than in 2019, in a recovery not only due to demand on some routes, but especially because of rising costs. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/empresas/2022/04/nova-malha-gol-nordeste-tem-105-dos-voos-pre-crise_188693.html