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Qatar gains airspace for the first time in history

In a historic verdict for aviation in the Middle East, the UN special aviation agency “ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization” agreed to establish a new and first airspace for the State of Qatar known as “Doha FIR”, redesigning the skies of the world’s airspace map for the first time in decades. The information is from the Doha News portal. The establishment of a Doha FIR shrinks Bahrain’s existing airspace and extends eastward toward the UAE and northward toward Iran. The Doha FIR was approved by ICAO Council member countries, which include the United States, South Africa, Singapore, Greece, and its Gulf neighbors Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. After a process that took several years, ICAO agreed at the final hearing on the matter that the Doha FIR should be established in two phases. In the diagram below, FIR Doha’s ‘Area A’ is an ‘unlimited altitude’ area to be controlled by Qatar. Initially, “Area B” will be controlled at an altitude of 7,468 meters. Within two years, Area B will join Area A to become an area of ​​unlimited altitude. As Bahrain’s airspace shrinks, Qatar will have a traffic flow that can sometimes be the busiest in the world. Approximately 70% of flights to the United Arab Emirates will pass through Qatar’s new airspace. The area is also busy with other foreign jets that fly over the Gulf to travel to and from Asia – many do so because other routes above Ukraine and Afghanistan are largely off-limits due to recent conflicts. With a new FIR of its own, Qatar will gain much-needed airspace independence, and the country will have the ability to maximize the efficiency of air travel around Qatar to better meet the country’s air travel sustainability goals. Qatar will also benefit from overflight fees paid by other airlines for the use of its airspace – which is common practice in aviation. – https://www.panrotas.com.br/aviacao/distribuicao/2022/04/catar-ganha-espaco-aereo-pela-primeira-vez-na-historia_188659.html