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Check out more information on the PM approved in the Chamber, which reformulates rules for the airline industry

Provisional Measure 1089/21, which amends several rules in the Brazilian air sector, was approved yesterday by the Chamber of Deputies, and now goes to the Senate. After that, if approved by both houses, it goes for presidential sanction. One of the changes in the PM is that it removes from the Brazilian Aeronautical Code (CBA, in Portuguese) the provision that air transport of mail can be done by all regular airlines with equal treatment, except for postal remittances. The text includes, on the other hand, a provision to discipline civil liability for damages in the free transport carried out by the National Air Mail, providing that there will be no compensation for damages to the person or luggage on board, unless there is evidence of guilt or intent on the part of the operators of the aircraft. Re-bidding: The PM’s rapporteur, Deputy General Peternelli (Uniao-SP), also made changes to Law 13,448/17, which allowed the re-bidding of concessions in the form of a partnership when the company is unable to fulfill its obligations in the administration of highways, airports, or railroads. The law provides that the winner of this re-bidding must pay the company to be replaced investment amounts that have not yet been amortized during the concession period enjoyed. – https://aeroin.net/confira-mais-informacoes-da-mp-aprovada-na-camara-que-reformula-regras-do-setor-aereo/